Scammers Targeting Irish People With Jury Duty E-Mail

The Irish public is currently being targeted by an e-mail scam in which a mail tells them that they have missed jury duty and must pay a fine of up to €500. The e-mail goes on to say that they have broken the law and could be arrested for failing to turn up at the Criminal Courts of Justice in Dublin in recent weeks.

A spokesperson for the Courts Service revealed that staff would never communicate with potential jurors in this way. They also warn against responding to the e-mail.

“It is a false instrument- designed to gather details about the recipient,” Courts Service spokesman Gerry Curran told The Irish Times. “We would never email a message such as this. Jury summonses are mailed via an Post. Other official communications are sent via either registered post or summons or warrants for fines, etc. by the gardaí.”

If a person replies to this e-mail, which originates from, they then receive a second mail, which requests bank details and payment of the fine.

The e-mail, according to The Irish Times, reads:




JUROR ID:#456-0023

Our records indicate that on the 20/05/2016 at the

COURTHOUSE, Ground Floor Jury Office, Dublin Criminal

Courts Office, Parkgate Street, Dublin 8 you failed to appear as scheduled for juror service. This is a violation of the law.

You must contact this office immediately to explain your absence and to reschedule yourself for another juror appearance date.

Failure to respond to a jury summons is a serious offence and could result in a criminal warrant being issued for your arrest by the court.

Offences Under the Juries Act, The following offences are punishable by fines:

“Failing to attend for jury service without reasonable excuse, or not being available when called upon to serve as a juror or being unfit for service by reason of drink and drugs.

“Making or causing to be made on your behalf false representations.

“ Serving on a jury knowing you are ineligible or disqualified.

“Giving false or misleading answers to the presiding judge regarding your qualification for jury service.

“Making or causing to be made on behalf of a person summoned as a juror any false representation to enable him or her to evade jury service. Changes to legislation, introduced in 2008, increased the fine for failing to comply with a jury summons to €500.

“If you dispute this action, You are required to contact us with the correct details”

Email all correspondence to:

Ms. xxxx xxxxxxx Office Manager

Ground Floor Jury Office

Dublin Criminal Courts Office

Parkgate Street

Dublin 8.



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