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Our obsession with taking photos is not slowing down. It’s estimated that there were around 1 trillion photos taken in 2015 alone. That’s a lot of photos to be saved and managed, because let’s face it, the thought of losing our pics strikes terror into our hearts.

Keep your photos safe

One of the top concerns when someone damages or loses their device is the safety of their photos. Well fear not, here comes OneDrive to the rescue.

Whether you buy Office 365 for the vast storage space offered on OneDrive or not it’s about to become important to you. The 1 terabyte of storage offered can fit around 100,000 photos. That’s a lot of photos you can store safely in the cloud and access from anywhere and any device.

Organise and search your photos easily

As well as all that storage what we love are the features that help you organise and find your photos easy. Want that gorgeous sunset from Tenerife two years ago? Search Photos will help you locate that memory.

How does it do it? OneDrive automatically tags photos that contain objects it recognises, like a dog or outdoor setting. It won’t always get the tag right but you can remove or edit the tags, making it easier for you to manage and find your snaps.

Finally setting up photo albums is easy as is sharing them with friends, family or your social networks. You can share by either getting a link to distribute yourself or sending the item by email. Just make sure your permissions are set properly so the people you give access to can’t accidently edit or delete photos.

Learn more about sharing on OneDrive.

Find out more about organising your photos in OneDrive.


Available to Office 365 subscribers

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