Nest Thermostat And Wemo Switches Now Talk To Each Other


If you’re the proud owner of a Nest Thermostat and you own a few Belkin Wemo switches, you’ll be glad to hear that the two are now willing to strike up a conversation.

All Wemo products can connect to the Nest Learning Thermostat thanks to Works with Nest integration, which means that you’ll find it easier to create and maintain a more comfortable, safe and energy efficient home.



Belkin outlined some ways in which this communication comes in handy. You can turn on a fan automatically when Nest goes into Away mode to keep a flow of air going through the house without wasting excess energy, or devices that get hot, such as irons, heaters or hair straighteners, can be turned off automatically when you leave, keeping your home safe.

It’s also now possible to control basic functions of your Nest Thermostat directly through the Wemo app. This means you can check the thermostat’s status, see the current temperature and humidity, change the Home or Away mode, and set the target temperature without having to switch between apps.

Version 1.15 of the Wemo app, which enables Works with Nest compatibility, is now available on both Android and iOS. Products that will work with Nest include the Wemo Switch, Wemo Insight Switch, Wemo Light Switch and Wemo Maker.


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