Tortoise Gets A Fancy New 3D-Printed Shell

Close-up of front of a Sulcata Tortoise

A tortoise by the name of Freddy got a new lease of life after being rescued from the aftermath of a bush fire.

He was found by vets in Brazil with his shell destroyed by the blaze. But a group by the name of the Animal Avengers came to his aid and built him a new shell using 3D computer imagery and printing techniques.

Freddy is now the proud of the first ever custom made 3D shell. Designer Cicero Moraes explained the work that went into creating this new home. “To design the hull I took a series of pictures from all angles of Freddy as well as photos of a healthy tortoise to compare,” he said.

“Then I reconstructed a 3D computer imaging model of the complete shell using the tortoise’s exact measurements”

This design was sent onto dental surgeon Dr Paulo Miamoto who used a 3D printer to create the four-piece shell that slotted together like a jigsaw.

The team previously created artificial beaks for three toucans, a parrot, and a goose, and designed the first ever titanium prosthetic pecker for a Macaw.



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