VR Zombie Game Too Much for This Player! VIDEO


Virtual Reality is set to revolutionise pretty much every part of our media-consuming world, and one of the most obvious uses of the technology is definitely virtual reality.

With the use of a headset, players will be able to step inside their favourite games. Imagine peering around the cockpit of a spaceship as you line up missile strikes or taking a look to the left and right while clearing the doorway in a high octane shooter.

Racing games will be absolutely thrilling and the use of tactile controllers for puzzle games for people of all ages and abilities will bring in even more audiences than ever before.

And then there are the horror games, which will find a whole new way to scare. Check out what happened when this woman tried out a game called The Brookhaven Experiment.

The aim of the game is to survive. She didn’t…

With the use of a VR headset a game about shooting becomes an experience of being hunted, with hideous monsters closing in from every side and mere split seconds to reload before you perish.

Actually in this early demo you can’t win as you’ll eventually run out of bullets or face an enemy that’s impossible to kill. Surviving isn’t really the point, it’s about giving these early VR pioneers a taste of the potential of the format, and what’s coming in the future.

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