Instagram Has a Hidden Inbox – Here’s How to Find it


Instagram has been holding out on us. That’s right, just after we learn that Facebook has a hidden inbox in Messenger we’re also hearing that Instagram has a way of keeping incoming communication from you.

This ‘hidden inbox’ is actually a place to store messages which you have received from people who aren’t your friends, or at least not yet! Anyone can send a direct message to any other Instagram user and they’re all kept here so you can decide if you want to get friendly.

It’s also a place where spambots go to die.

This inbox isn’t particularly secret but it’s easy to just not be aware its around, especially because Instagram doesn’t really shout about its direct messaging much.

To find it, open your app by tapping on the fancy new brightly coloured icon and click on the messages folder on the top right of the screen. Now if you have messages in your hidden inbox you’ll see a notification in blue at the top of the page saying ‘message requests’.

If that notification is present, you can tap on it and a list of your messages will appear. Again these are from totally random folks, and at least some of them are likely to be spam.

Of course there’s also a chance that no one has been messaging you, in which case you won’t have any notifications. Don’t worry, we didn’t have any either…

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