Add Washing During the Wash with Samsung’s Latest Appliance


It’s happened to the best of us – a long washing cycle chosen when you notice that single intrepid sock which went on its own adventure and got separated from the herd.

Now that problem is a thing of the past with Samsung’s new innovation – AddWash.

AddWash models come with an amazing extra door on the front of the machine. It’s ideal for popping in that sock or even adding a lightly soiled or handwash item towards the end of a cycle.

You can even use it to put in a little extra fabric softener to make sure all of your garments are taken care of. No mess, no fuss – just easier washing for you, everyday.

This model also uses brand new ecobubble tech which mixes water, air and detergent to create bubbles that actively work out dirt more quickly and efficiently than regular washes. That means you can use lower temperatures, which is better for the environment and your pocket too.

A quick boost adds a 30 minute Bubble Soak at the touch of a button, which is perfect for tough stains, and you can power through a special 5kg wash in under an hour.

What’s more, the latest Samsung models are smarter than ever before, letting you sync to them with your smartphone and check on a washing cycle from wherever you are. Pause or resume with a tap and get on with your day.

A full range of washing machines are available at Harvey Norman now.



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