Live Concerts are Coming to Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality has pretty obvious applications when it comes to engaging with the next generation of video games or even movies but there a plenty of avenues left to explore.

One example is live events which could be covered in a unique way by the technology. With the use of special cameras, viewers could look around in 360 degrees and the use of 3D audio would also enhance the experience.

As Virtual Reality systems become more popular, one of most important factors will be the availability of content for a growing audience. And NextVR has a plan to fill that gap.

The company has formed a partnership with Live Nation to bring 360 degree video coverage of live events. It’s a five year deal and the kinds of acts which could be represented include  U2, AC/DC and Maroon 5.

A mobile broadcasting unit could easily capture full surround video and audio and even give users a glimpse behind the scenes, all from the comfort of their VR device and with the ability to look around in any direction.

The service is initially said to be offered for free and will likely include only select elements from live shows and events. It’s very likely that this footage will be paid for in the future, as a way to get the experience of being there without having to actually go outside.

The future of Virtual Reality is set to be very exciting – keep up to date with everything new in the sector with Harvey Norman.


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