A crash course in Home Connectivity


Firstly, What is Home Connectivity?

The average household will likely house three smartphones, two laptops, two MP3 players, a tablet and even a telly. Each of these can connect to your Wi-Fi. Home Connectivity is simply getting each of these devices to ‘speak to’ each other, via the Wi-Fi.

The benefits of Home Connectivity are numerous, sharing audio and video files, caching updates to your email and social media and even accessing certain functions on one device using another. Change the volume on your speakers with your tablet – Home Connectivity has you covered.

Of course with so many devices, not to mention family members, gobbling up data, that standard Wi-Fi router your internet provider gave you might prove insufficient. Thankfully Harvey Norman offer a wide array of Wi-Fi routers which more efficiently split the signal to your home’s assorted devices.

Additionally, range extenders and power-line adaptors can dramatically increase the signal strength throughout your entire household. Sure, this may not seem like the most pressing issue your family faces at the minute. But when you finally settle down of an evening for some relaxation and four different family members want to access Netflix, you’ll be thankful the signal strength is as strong in the bedrooms as it is in the living room!

Of course, as a parent, there’s always the worry that with such unfettered internet access, it won’t be long until your children are stumbling into digital neighbourhoods they really shouldn’t. To this end Harvey Norman recommend the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router. This router bundles with a handy smartphone/tablet app that lets parents remotely access and set their own restriction upon their home internet usage. You can restrict access to certain sites, limit usage to a certain period or deny access to the Wi-Fi network until you get home from work. Find out more about the range of Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routershere.Home Connectivity meets peace of mind.

Let Harvey Norman answer any connectivity questions you may have and find the right product for you at its dedicated Home Connectivity Helper.Find out more at www.harveynorman.ie

In Short: A quick guide on the benefits of linking all your Wi-Fi enabled devices and how to prevent your children from accessing certain suspect sites…

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