Get those photos off your phone with the Harvey Norman Photo Centre!

It’s a digital age and we spend most of it snapping. Be it with our point and shoot cameras, our tablets, our smartphones or just uploading to Facebook or editing on Instagram, our digital photo albums are growing larger by the day. But our physical ones are almost non-existent!

Well the Harvey Norman Photo Centre aims to change all that. With competitive prices for all prints, it encourages budding photographers to print their most cherished memories. Harvey Norman boasts the latest in photo printing technology so you can have the highest quality prints with virtually no waiting time? Most print orders will only take five minutes to process. Naturally this depends on the number of photographs, but thirty minutes will usually see even the biggest orders printed.

The Harvey Norman Photo Centre kiosks can quickly and easily take your digital photos off whatever format you have, USB, smartphone, tablet, camera, or even Facebook and Instagram. The Photo Centre even offers some photo editing options and a restoration service for cherished old prints that have seen better days.

The photo prints come in a variety of sizes, from wallet friendly smaller prints, to impressive wall spanning canvasses. You can even get your favourite photos printed onto gifts such as coffee mugs, t-shirts, iPhone cases, jigsaws and coasters. So why not drop into the Harvey Norman Photo Centre today, and get those photos off your phone and into your home?!

In Short: The Harvey Norman Photo Centre is the ideal destination to getting your digital photo gallery off your phone and into your home

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