Like a G6 – A Look at the Flagship LG OLED 65”TV


LG’s flagship G6 made an appearance in the Harvey Norman Connected Home at the Ideal Home Show last weekend and it garnered quite a lot of attention.

The super-slim TV clocks in at 65-inches and produces an incredible picture. Powered on or turned off, it’s sure to be a centrepiece of any home. What’s most surprising about the display is how thin it is. We were told that it was slimmer than a €2 coin, which sounds like little more than clever marketing, but sure enough it lived up to that promise.

The picture quality is stunning with the OLED display ensuring that it offers impressive contrast and rich colours. And with nearly 8.3 million pixels on offer, the clarity and detail is seriously something to behold.

We only had a brief time in the company of the LG G6, but it left its mark. It’s easy to see why it drew a crowd and why so many people were trying to find a way to take a side profile picture of the display with some sense of scale.

The LG G6 is a TV that we would certainly recommend seeing for yourself.



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