Live 360 Video Streaming Comes to YouTube


360 degree video is about to become a major new addition to our media hungry world.

That’s because the format, which allows the viewer to look in any direction they want, is perfect for use with virtual reality headsets and brings an element of freedom to the user experience.

Companies are racing to produce 360 degree video, with new camera systems and technological solutions appearing every other day, and now one of the biggest names in the business is joining those ranks – YouTube.

The online video company has announced that they’re enhancing their services to include live streaming via 360 degree video. That means you’ll be able to take a peek at something that’s happening right now and choose where you want to look.

If you think about the sheer amount of information that has to be processed to bring this amount of live data to millions of users, it’s hugely impressive and YouTube is definitely the platform of choice for gaining maximum exposure.

The tech is going to be tested extensively at Coachella music festival in the USA this weekend, where selected acts will have their performances streamed like never before. You’ll be able to hone in on the bass player, check out the crowd or even take a gander at the passing clouds for a totally zen experience.

It’s all about bringing more choice and free to the internet, letting you decide how you want to engage with your favourite content.

Expect plenty of 360 degree video experiences to appear in the coming months, and stay up to date with everything virtual reality related with Harvey Norman.

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