Google Expeditions Will Let Irish Students See The World Without Leaving The Classroom


Google’s Expeditions initiative is being rolled out to select schools in Ireland, allowing students to see the sights of the world without ever leaving the classroom.

That’s made possible thanks to virtual reality. The kit contains Google Cardboard VR headsets and smartphones, a tablet, a wireless router, and an app. This lets teachers educate up to 50 students about the world, showing them sights like the Taj Mahal, the Great Barrier Reef, moon craters, and much more.

The app is preloaded with panoramic images from around 220 locations, so students can look around and see the sights as if they were there. The connected tablet lets teachers control what students see through the VR headset.

“With Expeditions, Google aims to help students explore the whole world right from the comfort of their classroom desks” company spokesman Patrick Lenihan said. “The Pioneer Program brings Google Expeditions right to students and teachers so they can take trips anywhere from the Great Barrier Reef to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.”

Google Expeditions is currently in a pilot phase. So far, it’s been rolled out in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Sweden. Ireland is now being added to the list.

Demonstrators are going to be visiting schools in Ireland in the next two weeks to show teachers how the kit works and to show students what can be done with it. You can get an idea of how it can help in schools in the video below.



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