USB Type-C Cables Could Help Keep Your Devices Safe


Many devices are to use USB Type-C charging cables, but there are some dodgy cable manufacturers trying to take advantage of the change. But the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) is working on a solution that will not only protect your device against these dodgy cables, but ensure that malicious software doesn’t take hold.

Its software solution verifies a USB charger or device’s capabilities and certification when it’s plugged into the USB port. Dodgy USB Type-C cables have been frying devices, but this solution makes its checks before any data or power connection occurs.

Not only will this keep your device safe, but it can also prevent the transfer or use of malicious hardware or software.

The USB-IF says that support for these new specifications could be implemented via firmware and software updates. Adapters, cables, and other accessories that can’t receive firmware or software updates will have to be replaced.

Amazon recently updated its listings to erase cables that don’t meet the USB Type-C specification revision 1.1. That should help counter the availability of dodgy cables, at least until this solution is put in place.

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