Here’s How To Find Out How Much Google Knows About You


While most of us are aware that pretty much everything we do online is tracked, we’d be curious to find out exactly what Google knows about us. Anything you entered on your Google+ profile – yes, you most likely have one, as it was necessary for YouTube usage for a spell – is obviously fair game. But you may be surprised by some other details.

Thankfully, there’s a way to quickly check what Google knows about you.

Make sure you’re logged into your Google account and navigate to your account page.

To see who Google thinks you are, navigate to your Personal Info & Privacy page, scroll down to Ads Settings and click Manage Ad Settings. This will tell you what gender, age, and interests Google has associated with your profile.

To find out where Google knows where you’ve been, go to the Personal Info & Privacy page, find the Places You Go tab and click on Manage Activity. This will bring up a map of places you’ve been and will also show your home and work addresses if you’ve provided these details.

Clicking the red dots will bring up information like when you visited a place, routes you travelled, places you stayed, and photos you took while travelling.

Finally, you can see your search history. Again, click on Personal Info & Privacy and scroll down to Activity Controls. Then under Your Searches and Browsing Activity, click Manage Activity.

In the top right hand corner of the “Insights” box, click the arrow next to “last week” and select “all time”. This will give you a list of everything you’ve searched for from any device.

Yes, Google knows a staggering amount about all of us.

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