Chainsaw Drone – Don’t Try This at Home!


Drones are becoming increasingly popular around the world, serving up incredibly sweeping aerial footage the likes of which we’ve never been able to capture before.

It’s amazing what hobbyists are capable of shooting with these craft, with many featuring gimbals that smooth out camera shake and make everything look like it was shot from a helicopter for a slick music video.

That’s a great use of a gimbal but you know what would also fit right in on your hovering drone? A chainsaw. Which is exactly what these fellows from Finland did.

Behold – if you’re mean to robots this could be a terrifying vision from your future!

That’s pretty nuts, and another way in which humans will manage to stitch all kinds of things to other things in pursuit of a cool video, plus you really have to love how the malevolent machine is foiled by balloons in the end.

Of course you don’t need to weaponise your drone to have fun, the 3DR Solo features simplified controls, full smartphone integration and  support to attach your GoPro camera for wide angle shots and stunning slow motion. And it’s discounted right now at Harvey Norman.

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