PlayStation VR is Coming – Bring Virtual Reality Home


The dawn of true virtual reality is upon us, with a number of systems on the way throughout 2016.

One of the most exciting is PlayStation VR and that’s because this system is set up to interface directly with a PlayStation 4. That will make it the most affordable way to access full virtual reality at home when it launches in October.

And with almost 40 million PlayStation 4 consoles out there in the wild, and more being bought everyday, it will also be the biggest testing bed yet for how virtual reality will work for a mass market.

The PlayStation VR itself consists of a futuristic headset which has been designed for maximum comfort and is fully adjustable. Inside the box are all the cables you need to get set up, as well as a pair of headphones for full immersion.

That’s in the basic pack, and the system will work perfectly well with a DualShock 4 controller but for the full effect you’ll also need two PlayStation Move controllers. And the PS VR also requires the PlayStation Camera to see everything you are doing.

With all of these components in place its just a matter of plugging in and switching on and two fields of vision will delivered to your eyes, with high frame rate, low latency and high definition graphics. It’s set to be perfect for games and also a great way to experience all kinds of entertainment, plus you can do so while others want to use the big TV. After all, it’s like having a cinema right in front of your eyes!

PlayStation VR is launching in October 2016, stay tuned for more info.

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