Microsoft’s Holoportation Could Change How We Communicate


Microsoft recently demoed Holoportation, an incredible technology that lets people project themselves elsewhere as a hologram.

People can either appear in another place as a hologram or can share a virtual space with another person utilising the technology. Microsoft’s Shahram Izadi introduced the technology before inviting his colleague to “join him.”

In a different room, surrounded by sensors, his colleague moved around with his hologram appearing behind Izadi. When both of them wore the HoloLens headset, they could see and interact with one another in a virtual space. It wasn’t the most graceful of high-fives, but the possibilities are astonishing.

Izadi’s daughter joined him for another demonstration, though this one could tug on your heart strings as she asks when he’s coming home and says that she misses him. But he gets to see her and interact with her more naturally than other forms of communication would allow.

Not only does the technology let you communicate with others, but you can utilise the playback feature to relive captured memories. You may no longer have to distract yourself with a camcorder while playing with your kids to have something to look back on; you may be able to enjoy the memory through a HoloLens.


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