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The Tom Tom Multi-Sport is a high quality GSP sports watch. It’s not a multi-tool. It doesn’t double as a personalised secretary. It tracks your activity, gauges your fitness and helps you improve upon just that. At almost two hundred euro, it might seem like quite the investment for a device which only does one thing. But when a device does one thing extremely well, like the Tom Tom Multi-Sport, it’s worth every penny!

The Multi-Sport is designed to track your assorted metrics when running, cycling and swimming. To this end it will monitor your distance travelled, time taken, calories burned, speed, pace, cadence, and heart rate. And it’ll show your these, both after your exercise in a convenient report summary and while you’re working out.

To this end, physically the Multi-Sport is pleasingly slight. At only 50g you won’t feel it on your wrist as you pound the pavement. The strap is 230mm in length so it’ll fit even the meatiest wrist, however it’s also speckled with aerating holes. These let your arm breathe as you exercise. So you won’t overheat just from wearing this wee GPS sports watch.

The Multi-Sport also bundles with a handy bike mount which attaches to your handlebars. This is a godsend! You need only glance down to get your data, as opposed to removing your hand from the bar to check your wrist. Water resistant up to 50m, the Multi-Sport can also be used for swimming without fear of water damage. In fact it’s fairly scratch and impact resistant too. No need to coddle this one!

The Multi-Sport is controlled by an intuitive 4-in-1 button input which immediately grants you access to your Run, Cycle, Swim options as well as settings and ancillary features. These include a stopwatch with convenient splits timing, a GPS free treadmill option and even a useful flight mode. The Multi-Sport also sports vibrate alerts whenever you reach a set goal or milestone. And even with the GPS function on, the battery will still give you a solid 10 hours exercise before a recharge is needed.

While assorted graphing, tracking and detailed analysis is readily available via the PC or smartphone companion app, by itself the Tom Tom Multi-Sport is an invaluable, ever-present aide to help you on your way to weight loss and better physical fitness. Oh and finally, if you’re terribly concerned with accessorising, the Tom Tom Multi-Sport is available in black, green and pink!

In Short: Our hands on review with the latest GPS fitness tracker from Tom Tom, the Multi-Sport is ideal for running, cycling, swimming or general fitness buffs

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