Type on Your Smartwatch with Gestures


New technology could revolutionise the way we interact with phones and smartwatches through the use of Sonar.

It will use the devices speakers to send out a pulse of sound which will be totally inaudible to the user. These waves bounce back from your finger and are received by the microphone, allowing for near real time mapping of gestures using nothing but your digits.

In this way, you could interact with a smartwatch in more complex ways without having to tap away at the tiny screen. A broad gesture could be used at any time to change music tracks for example or accept a phone call and the waves move through fabric so you could even potentially interact with a device that’s in your pocket.

Here’s a proof of concept video.

The very air around your device becomes an advanced controller, which you can interact with in new and exciting ways. A prototype has already been assembled and this technology doesn’t require any expensive upgrades to work – just a microphone and speaker and your own fingers.

Expect to hear plenty more about this technology in the near future.

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