Nest’s Thermostat Adds a Number of Nifty New Features


Nest’s Thermostat has made life much easier, allowing people to control the temperature in their home whether they’re there or not. Now, the company has implemented a range of improvements to make it even more useful and better able to deal with the requirements of families.

First up is Family Accounts, which puts an end to the need to share account details with others in your household. Up to 10 people can access the Nest products in your home using the Nest app from their own account. This means that everyone in your household can control the Nest Thermostat, get notifications from Nest Protect, and keep tabs on what’s happening at home with Nest Cam.

The second new feature is Home/Away Assist. This uses your phone’s GPS location to determine if you’re at home or out and about. To ensure it doesn’t accidentally turn off the heating prematurely, it also uses learning algorithms and activity sensors built into Nest sensors to make absolutely sure that no one is home.

Nest says that it has wanted to implement this feature for some time, but wanted to make sure that it got it right. “By combining sensor data, algorithms and multiple phones, we think we’ve nailed it,” Nest wrote on its blog.

These new features are all about “making home more comfortable, safe and secure for you. And everyone else who lives there too.”

You can get an idea of how Home/Away Assist works in the explanatory video below. If this sounds like something that would make your life easier – and believe us, it does – you can shop the full range of Nest products online at Harvey Norman.



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