Watch How Drones Are Aiding Construction Work


3D Robotics has announced a partnership with Autodesk and Sony to create a version of its Solo drone that is capable of scanning a location and creating a 3D model based on this.

This model or map can be uploaded to the cloud from the air, which means that the relevant files can quickly get to those who need it, such as offsite engineers or managers, for example.

The new drone uses Sony’s upcoming UMC-R10C camera, which allows for more detailed image capture than ever before. It also means that hi-res data can be uploaded to the cloud without the drone having to land and its SD card taken out.

Drones are becoming a big part of the construction industry. Autodesk’s Dominique Pouliquen said, “The demand is just huge. There is not a single construction company we work with that does not have a UAV initiative.”

3D Robotics has ambition. Co-founder and CEO, Chris Anderson said that the Solo drone is “the first example of an enterprise drone that is integrated from end to end, from drone to camera to cloud.” You may see a lot more drones buzzing around construction sites and projects in the near future.


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