Chimpanzee Becomes Internet Star After Getting Hands on GoPro


A chimpanzee at the Oregon Zoo became the star of a ‘day in the life of’ video after getting her hands on a GoPro camera.

Chloe, the oldest of the zoo’s four chimpanzees at the age of 46, was given a GoPro camera by the zoo’s staff as part of the facility’s enrichment program. She took it into the habitat area and recorded herself as she went about her day.

Zookeeper Colleen Reed said, “It was able to give us a really, really unique opportunity to see what she does during the day and what she actually enjoys. These behaviors are things that keepers see every day, but never before from this perspective.”

This isn’t the first time that Chloe has shown an affinity for technology. Previously, she has played around with the camera functionality on iPads, toggling between the selfie and rear-facing cameras.

Reed described Chloe as a playful chimp who loves food and you can hear that in the video that shows her gathering up and enjoying some ice treats.

Check out the GoPro video, which is largely captured by Chloe, below. You can get your very own GoPro at Harvey Norman, and who knows what kind of unique perspective you’ll be able to capture.


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