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Emoji are pretty strange things – little smiley faces and other symbol which started out as a way to get more information across within the character limit of text messaging. And they’ve just grown from there to become a bit of an internet phenomenon.

Pretty much every social service, from Facebook to Twitter and WhatsApp to Viber, now supports a huge amount of Emoji, and you can even use GIFs and other video pieces to express how you feel. But which of these little pictures are you the biggest fan of? Now there’s a tool to find out.

EmojiLife is a tool which scans your Twitter usage to show which Emoji you use most often, and also goes further to rank just how awesome you are at using them. You might be an Emoji Master, or a much lowlier Newb, and the only way to find out is through the power of the internet.

You can also get a lot more information, like analysing how your audience responds to certain Emoji in terms of likes and retweets, making this tool pretty useful for brands as well.

Find out your Emoji level right over here.


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