McDonalds Giving Away Free VR Goggles!


McDonalds outlets in Sweden are taking Happy Meals to a whole new level with Happy Goggles – giving customers the gift of Virtual Reality!

These VR goggles are made by carefully folding the unique Happy Meal box and pop in the included lens kit. And before that you also get to enjoy the tasty treats of a Happy Meal.


It takes just a minute to get set up with the Googles, and the real magic happens when you pop your smartphone into the slot. You line up the eye holes and lenses with the phone screen and start special software which creates two images on the screen with a specific distance between them.

With the lenses separating out each image to a single eye, your brain reassembles it as 3D, letting you peer around inside virtual reality using software like Google Cardboard. Did we mention these Happy Goggles are totally free and come with chips?

It seems that McDonalds is only running this promotion in a small number of outlets in Sweden with a strictly limited number of Goggles available but we wouldn’t be surprised to see it spread after this first test case.

More advanced Virtual Reality systems are on the way soon, including the Oculus Rift which will be available at Harvey Norman soon.

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