Hololens Set Costs a Whopping $3000!  


Hololens is a new augmented reality headset which is on the way from Microsoft. The term augmented reality means this is device functions more like a pair of glasses which let you see the real world. Interactive elements are then beamed onto the lenses and they can actually interact with the real room and people around you.

Here’s an idea of how it will potentially work. It’s all about holograms – it’s the future!

Microsoft Hololens is still in the developmental stages but the first version of the system has just gone on sale with the kit set to cost €3000. That’s a lot of money but it’s really more aimed at businesses and companies who want to work on creating apps, games and experiences for the hardware.

It’s not known when the Hololens will be available to a wider number of users but it’s likely that Microsoft will wait to see how future of Virtual Reality turns out first. With major systems like Oculus Rift set to debut quite soon, it remains to be seen how ready users are for a new kind of interaction with their digital worlds.


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