LG Rolling Bot is Your Next Must Have Gadget   


All manner of companies turn out at Mobile World Congress every year, hoping to get some attention by showing off their latest high end smartphones and emerging technologies. And every year it’s something weird and quirky which really captures the audience’s attention.

Case in point – the LG Rolling Bot. This little guy is just one part of a new bundle of accessories you can get to go with the modular LG G5 but it has been picked up as one of the must have items from the show. And we can understand why because it’s not only an impressive piece of hardware but it’s also very cute and it can play with your cat!

The Rolling Bot is one of the ‘Friends’ you can optionally get with the LG G5 and it’s basically a big gray ball which you can control with the phone. However there’s a lot going on inside, including 1080p video, 8MP stills and a speaker and microphone for communicating through the ball.

There’s more – the Bot syncs to your home Wi-Fi so you’ll be able to use it from anywhere once you’re online with the LG app. Just connect and you can roll around your home when you’re in a different country.

And while you’re doing that you’ll be able to control the volume on your TV, turn your air conditioning on and off or turn on your stereo. For some crazy reason it also includes a laser pointer so you can mess with your pets while you’re away and even shout things at them through the speaker.

It all sounds utterly mad, especially coming from a fairly large ball with a looming camera eye, but it also looks like loads of fun. The early versions of the Rolling Bot at Mobile World Congress are pretty buggy but there’s loads of potential here, especially with a release date several months away.

Look for the LG Rolling Bot in summer 2016.

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