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The internet is a fantastic resource for education, information and entertainment, but due to its very nature there are some less than savoury sites that you will want to keep your children from seeing. Linksys’ range of Smart Wi-Fi routers offer a range of benefits, including the ability access to your home network at any time and from anywhere, but one of their core functions is to give you complete control over your home network. In this way, you can ensure that your children aren’t spending too much time online or, when they are online, accessing inappropriate material.

Linksys’ Smart Wi-Fi routers help safeguard the internet

Signing up for a Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Account gets you access to a range of built-in tools on supported routers such as the EA2700, the EA6300 and the EA6400,including Parental Control. Parents can ensure that web usage is less risky by using a web browser, mobile phone or tablet to restrict access to specific web sites. If you want to ensure that your kids are focusing on school work, you can block the Internet during certain times of day.

A range of Smart Wi-Fi apps are also available, which allow you to interact with your connected home in new ways or ensure that the internet is being used appropriately. From an online safety point of view, there are a number of apps to keep your kids’ internet access on the straight and narrow. Block the Bad Stuff does exactly as promised, and allows parents to set one of three levels of protective filtering to their wireless network.

More hands-on control is also provided for. Netproofer allows Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router owners to block access to specific websites such as YouTube or Facebook by toggling the ON-OFF button. Meanwhile, Remote Monitoring enables parents to remotely monitor all of your Internet devices and get notifications when devices connect or disconnect from the router. If an Xbox connects to the internet, you’ll know regardless of where you are.

Best of all, these tools can be set on a device-by-device basis, so you can restrict your children’s access to Facebook when they should be working without limiting your own ability to connect with friends and loved ones. Plus, they’re easy to use; many are simply the flick of an ON-OFF switch, so you don’t need to worry that you’ll inadvertently restrict internet access permanently or block sites that you may need.

While it is certainly beneficial for children to use the internet at times and for certain purposes, they do need to be monitored. There is a dark side to the internet and, though you may not be able to sit beside them each and every time they use the internet, you’ll still be able to shield them from this. Linksys’ Smart Wi-Fi routers, including the EA2700, the EA6300, and the EA6400, give you the tools you need to keep your children safe, control their internet usage and take control of your home network.

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In Short: If you don’t want your children to browse less savoury sites on the net, or want to restrict sites when they should be working, Linksys is here to help.

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