David Attenborough Meets the Biggest Dinosaur Ever in Stunning 360 Degree Vid


You may have been hearing a lot lately about Virtual Reality being the future of entertainment, set to revolutionise games, movies and more in the months and years to come. But it’s not always clear exactly how that’s going to happen without concrete examples.

Well here’s an excellent look at the future of nature documentaries combining the emerging technology of 360 degree video with state of the art visual effects and the awe-inspiring pairing of Sir David Attenborough and the largest dinosaur ever to walk the Earth.

Here’s Sir David and the Titanosaur.

You can pan around in any direction you like in the YouTube video but a whole new dimension is added with a VR headset. You can just tilt and turn your head to get a new perspective on the action, with enveloping sound helping to transport you to a time millions of years in the past.

It’s exciting to consider where else this technology will take us and also to see the people behind the scenes looking to incorporate the best elements of the past in heading towards our Virtual Reality filled future.

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