Samsung’s Gear 360 is the cutest VR camera you’ll see


YouTube and Facebook are embracing 360-degree and virtual reality video, but for the content to start gaining traction on these platforms, video makers need the tools to record such video. Samsung is the latest to embrace this new format with the launch of the Gear 360.

And it’s one of the cutest cameras hitting the market. The Samsung Gear 360 is a pocket-sized camera that measures just 67mm at its widest point. It has a tiny screen so you can keep tabs on battery life and the number of shots left. Plus, it comes with a miniature tripod to top off the look.

Despite its diminutive size, the Gear 360 is an incredibly capable device. It packs two 15 MP sensors which are capable of capturing video at 3840×1920 at 30 frames per second. These cameras can even capture still images at a whopping 30MP. The two cameras are mounted back-to-back, so the device is able to capture footage from all around.



Using the Gear 360 with a Samsung smartphone gives you even more control and feedback. You can control all elements of the camera from your smartphone and can even preview content in real time to keep an eye on your shots. You can then download videos and stitch them together automatically to create a VR or 360-degree video that’s ready to share in minutes.

The Gear 360 is set to be launched before the summer, but the price tag is still a mystery. Expect to see a lot more 360-degree and virtual reality video on YouTube and Facebook in the next few months.


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