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For those who need a little more processing power, a desktop computer is a must and they can help speed up whatever you’re interested in – games, movies as well as projects both creative and work related.

These machines are real workhorses and they’re often very large at the same time, all the better to contain the powerful technology inside. But if you’re in a smaller workspace or one that’s already filled with clutter, it can be difficult to find the room for a large beige box. Thankfully the Mini computer is here to help.

The neat and superbly designed devices are all about delivering the power you need without the large footprint. You’ll find impressive specs and gorgeous designs, all in a machine that won’t take up much space.

The Apple Mac Mini is a popular choice in this area, and you can see why – starting with the stunning streamlined design. Hewn from a single block of aluminium, it fits in perfectly with Apple’s award winning design ethos and looks for all the world like a slightly larger AppleTV box, and a far cry from a bulky desktop tower.

It also has power where it counts, with a number of different available configurations. With Intel processors up to a 2.8GHz i5 chip plus a huge 1TB Fusion Drive 8 gigs of RAM and dedicated graphics you’ll be able to run anything you like, even at 4K resolution. And it’s the most energy efficient machine around.

Another option is the HP Pavilion Mini PC. This little guy can be used just about anywhere – like as a content hub for your TV in the living room, a child’s computer for the bedroom or as the main household machine.

A fast Intel processor is ready for anything you need and you can get up to a terabyte of storage on board. It comes with plenty of ports for you to plug in peripherals or even extra storage and the extra surprise of support for two monitors, so you can really get your productivity in gear.

Better still, it’s energy efficient and that means it’s not only quiet in use but cool enough to hide away in a cabinet without having to worry about overheating.

These models are available at Harvey Norman now where you can get the best advice on your new Mini Machine.


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