Top 5 Travel Apps

A host of the most useful applications to have loaded onto your smartphone before you head away on vacation.

Going on Holidays is fantastic! That’s probably why we spend 50 weeks a year looking forward to them. But there’s no getting away from the fact that they are a bit of a pain in the rump to organize. Not only do you need to settle on a destination, you also have to source travel arrangements, accommodation, food, sights to see and (depending on your destination) money to spend. Well fear not, download the following applications and watch the stress of holiday-making slip away!

XE Currency

Say, for a moment, you were daring enough to venture beyond the comforting embrace of the Eurozone. You’ll need a different currency (remember them?) and XE is the leading brand in currency conversion. XE converts every single world currency. It simultaneously shows and stores live proprietary currency rates, so that even when the internet cuts out, you still have access to recent rates. But principally it’s easy to use interface has made it the most popular foreign exchange app on the market. Bar none.Available – iTunes, Play Store, Windows Phone

Aer Lingus

Bit of a self-explanatory one this: The Aer Lingus app lets you browse, book and even check in for your flights while simultaneously highlighting your itinerary or the status of any flight you choose. Set up Travel Alerts, detail your Favourite locations, search by low fares or simply check for ancillary information. If you’re flying with the national flag carrier, download this app.Available – iTunes, Play Store, Windows Phone


Book your flights, accommodation and car hire with this one stop app. Expedia aims to minimise the hassle of booking your holiday by gifting you all your travel and accommodation options on one handy app. Additionally, you can save up to 40% of your overall cost by availing of Expedia’s Mobile Exclusive deals and offers. The Expedia app syncs with your current location at all times, offering speedier booking while extensive user reviews help you pick the best option.Available – iTunes, Play Store, Windows Phone

Google Maps

The most popular GPS and mapping service on the planet? Probably, and there’s a reason for that. Google Maps offers a richly detailed and diverse accounting of the world’s surface. Like any map, the detail is finest near the urban hubs, but Google Maps boasts a wealth of rural information too! With accurate maps for 220 countries, voice-guided GPS, public transport information for over 2800 cities and Street View for landmark directions.Available – iTunes, Play Store, Windows Phone


Trip Advisor gives you information on all things Vacation – Beyond flights and accommodation, it’ll also give you user reviews, suggestions for activities, the best restaurants, the most popular beaches, gigs that are on during your stay, photos from your intended destinations and more. In fact sync TripAdvisor with your social media to see what your close friends thought of the service, their most recent holiday or even take to the review section and post your thoughts or photos online.Available – iTunes, Play Store, Windows Phone

In Short: A list of the five most useful mobile applications to have pre-loaded onto your smartphone before setting off on your holidays

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