Virtual Reality Headset Used in Brain Surgery


A ground-breaking operation in France has been the first in the world to use a Virtual Reality headset in a new and unique way which benefits the patient.

Complicated brain surgery was required to remove an aggressive growth which was effecting the vision of the patient. He was left fully conscious during the operation while the surgeons worked on his brain and was given a Virtual Reality headset to use.

The medical staff were able to use the headset to create a calming void which helped to keep the patient relaxed and also performed another vital function. With the ability to manipulate the image any way they saw fit, the staff could introduce lights and other graphics to test the patient’s vision.

This was of utmost important as the surgery had the potential to damage areas in the brain responsible for sight so by keeping the visual sense engaged it was possible to ensure that no harm was done as the surgery progressed.

That’s a pretty amazing use for the technology, controlling what a person sees in order to help preserve their sight and keep them removed from the trauma of an open surgical situation. It’s just another example of the huge potential in the future of Virtual Reality in so many different areas.


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