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iPads can be great for keeping kids occupied, whether that’s as an e-reader, as a learning tool, or as a gaming library…Hang on, what was that noise?! Yep, that’s the sound of an iPad hitting the floor and, unfortunately, they’re not quite designed for that sort of impact; or to take a dip in some spilled juice; or for a few other unfortunate events that could befall your precious device.

Thankfully, there are a few accessories that childproof your iPad, so you can rest easy while your child is entertaining themselves with the wonderful world of technology.

iPad 3 iGuy case (available here)

If there was ever a protective case that screamed “child friendly,” it’s certainly the iPad 3 iGuy case. This delightful case can be used to stand the iPad up, as he’ll stand on his own two feet, while his arms make him that much easier to hold. The iGuy is more than just a visual enhancement to the iPad though; he’ll literally put his body on the line to protect your device. With comfortable, squeezable arms and a foam frame, the iGuy may provide as much of a distraction for your child as the iPad does. Available for all iPad sizes.

Belkin LEGO Case for iPad mini (available here)

Before Minecraft, there was LEGO; a pure creation tool that also taught kids the value of tidying up after themselves; I’m sure everyone has a horror story of stepping on a stray block in the middle of the night. The Belkin LEGO Case for iPad mini protects your device and acts asthe perfect introduction to the wonderful world of LEGO, allowing kids to build creations on its back. The difficult part may be resisting the lure of LEGO yourself, but you could always take on a collaborative project with your child.

Griffin Survivor Case for iPad (available here)

If your child is a whirlwind of destruction, only the toughest case will do. Enter the Griffin Survivor Case for iPad, which is designed to take everything that’s thrown at it and brush it off with ease. It has a permanent screen protector, seals off ports for dust and liquid protection and its rubber and polycarbonate is quite sturdy. If the iPad accessory world is based on survival of the fittest, the Griffin Survivor Case will be there at the very end.

Kensington GummyGrip Stylus for iPad (available here)

Once you’ve got the exterior of your device covered, it may be time to start thinking about other aspects. The iPad is a wonderful tool to encourage kids to get creative with virtual paintbrushes, but the screen could suffer under the touch of a regular stylus. The Kensington GummyGrip stylus features a more child-friendly design than a traditional stylus, and has a durable, firm tip. Using this stylus in combination with one of thousands of creative apps can help children learn and develop the motor skills involved in writing, colouring and drawing without your walls being covered in their creations.

In Short: There are few sounds worse than your iPad hitting the floor, especially when your child is to blame. But you can lessen your worries with the right case.

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