Twitter’s New Timeline Puts The Most Important Tweets Up Top


There were rumours of late that Twitter was going to change its traditional Timeline and it turns out that those rumours were true. Twitter’s new Timeline puts the best tweets at the top of your feed. This means you shouldn’t miss something that will be particularly interesting.

When the rumours hit the web, people weren’t too pleased about this planned change. But the good news is that it’s optional. You must opt-in to the altered Timeline and it may take a few weeks for it to actually take hold as it’s only rolling out now.

The new algorithm picks out the best tweets for you based on who you follow and engage with. It moves these tweets up to the top of your feed when you open the site or app.

It’s not a permanent change either. Once you refresh your Timeline, normal order will be restored. But this should provide you with a quick way to catch up with important tweets that may be of interest to you.

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