iLife – What’s It All About?


iLife is a creativity suite that comes with your Apple Mac product. But what does it include and what can it do for you?

Every Mac produced by Apple comes with a suite of extremely useful software that can help your in your everyday life. Dubbed (appropriately) iLife, it contains three products – iMovie, iPhotoand GarageBand.

iMovie was first released as far back as 1999 and its current version is all about making video editing fun and accessible for everyone. With it, you can take in video footage from any source and use simple tools to edit, and output your own movie. Add effects and transitions, a soundtrack and titles and make your home movie footage something truly special.

iPhoto starts out as a powerful way to organise the snaps you take and share them with the world. But delve a little deeper and you’ll find not only sophisticated sorting options (such as the ability to scan your images for familiar faces) but also great editing tools to bring out the best in your images. Red eye reduction is an amazing feature and you can also easily print your favourite pictures in moments.

GarageBand is something a little different. This incredible program can not only teach you how to play an instrument but it can help you create real, professional sounding tracks in less time than you might think. Plug in a real instrument or do it all with just a computer keyboard. Recent versions include a virtual Drummer who will play along with you and it’s never been simpler to make a demo to share with the world.

This software is all about opening up the creative possibilities in your everyday life – whether that’s adding a little extra wow factor to your holiday photos or putting together a short movie that helps you to remember a special event. Add a slideshow to your movie with iPhoto and your own original musical composition . If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at filmmaking now your chance to get the editing basics down and sound enthusiasts will be surprised by what they can accomplish with GarageBand.

Best of all this software is absolutely free with every Apple system, making it ideal for students.They also interact with each other and the sites like Facebook and Flickr instantly. Collecting this kind of software on PC would be extremely expensive and PC versions are often more complicated to use making iLife the ideal solution for beginners and improvers.

If you’re more concerned with productivity than creativity, there’s also plenty on offer in Apple’s iWork bundle. It includes Pages, Numbers and Keynote.

These three programs are concerned with writing, spreadsheets and presentations – providing the most important features you’ll need for your working life with the accessible and attractive layout you expect from Apple.

This suite is a free download with any Mac, saving you €79 on what the software would cost to buy otherwise. And for those who might be worrying about transitioning from something like Microsoft Office, every file created by iWork is completely compatible with Microsoft products.

These two software packages are powerful solutions for everything in your daily life and ever user gets them for free whenever they purchase a Mac product from Apple. It’s an incredible bargain and just another example of what makes Apple’s ecosystem such a tempting platform to work with.

In Short: Apple products come with a pair of impressive software suites that will sort out all your productivity and creativity woes – read about them here

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