Harvey Norman have found you the Perfect Match just in time for Valentine’s Day


Harvey Norman have found you the Perfect Match just in time for Valentines. Instead of spending time and money on someone else, spend it on yourself! Find your Perfect Match from below or the thousands of products on Harvey Norman.ie.

Meet our Top Picks that will sweep you off your feet!


Name: Barry Red

Occupation: Mixologist

Likes: Great British Bake Off, Bread Making, Making my own Pasta,

Dislikes: Store Bought Foods, Dark Cupboards

Personality Type: Colourful, Reliable and  Strong

Body Type: Sturdy and Curvy

About Me: At home in the kitchen, great at mixing with people. My fashion sense is on trend always and I’m looking to inspire the creative amazing new things with my perfect match.


Name: Stuart Steel

Occupation: Barista

Likes: Italy, Early Mornings, Biscuits,

Dislikes: Starbucks, McCafe and Costa, Tea Drinkers,

Personality Type: Coffee Snob and All Round World Connoisseur

Body Type: Perfect and Sculpted

About Me: I‘m not a huge party go-er, I prefer staying in with a cuppa and a few Hob Nobs. I’m not a great cook but I’m really good friends with Heston Blumenthal so that’s the nice meals sorted.  I’m a bit of a clean freak so my house is pristine. Messy people really grind my gears and get me to boiling point but I can always keep a level head.


Name: Ken Wood

Occupation: Cook

Likes: Clean Eating, World Cuisine, Curries

Dislikes: Frozen Dinners, Stoves,

Personality Type: All Rounder and Family Focused

Body Type: Short and Broad

About Me: I’m a bit of a multi-tasker and can get loads done in a few hours. I don’t make a fuss, I’m hassle free and I believe I have the potential to do so many things. I look after my family and love cooking for big groups and entertaining. Health conscious but I can be a little bold and stir things up once in awhile.


Name: ‘The Boss’

Occupation: Manager at Fruit and Veg Store

Likes: Smoothies, Heavy Metal, Ice Cream

Dislikes: Store bought Smoothies,Lumpy soups,

Personality Type: Modern and Control Freak

Body Type:  Slim and powerful

About Me:  I’m loud and proud, a big personality who doesn’t blend into the crowd. I live a fast paced life. I think I’m the perfect ingredient for your ideal relationship. I’ll add more than just flavor to your life!

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