Samsung Wants to Let You Build Your Own TV


The future of TVs is modular, according to Samsung. What this means is that multiple screens of various shapes and sizes will be able to join together to create a customisable TV to suit your needs.

Samsung first showed off the technology at CES this year in its “Future TV Zone.” President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, Hyun Suk Kim highlighted what modular TVs can offer consumers.

“We believe the possibilities for innovation in TV are truly endless, and in the years to come, customers will experience ever greater choice and control, as the current barriers around screen size, shape and versatility are overcome”

You can get an idea of how this technology works thanks to Samsung’s video. You’ll have to provide your own sliding walls if you want to take this approach, but it shows how easy it is to split or reassemble the screen when you want a change.

Samsung is yet to say when we’ll be able to house such technology, but we can hardly wait.


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