Uninstall Facebook to Give Your Phone a Boost


Smartphones are amazing machines, keeping us connected to a universe of information all day everyday. There are computers, organisers, cameras, calendars, note takers, audio recorders, games machines and music players – and they also make phone calls.

Smartphones are amazing but as their features start to really stack up, they also run into a real problem- battery life. Most large screen phones these days with multiple apps running and all manner of synced data tend to burn through energy, which can mean you being left with a dead brick when it comes to the commute home.

There are numerous coping methods for this affliction but here’s one you probably haven’t thought of – uninstalling Facebook.

This may sound utterly crazy for Facebook fanatics but recent tests have proven that the official Android app saps considerable amounts of power, even when its not in use. It constantly seeks updates in an effort to serve you the latest posts instantly when you open it, a process which led to power drains on the Google Nexus 6P, LG G4 and other models.

Uninstalling the app resulted in battery life boosts of up to 20 percent over time and also speed increases as Facebook was no longer using vital system resources. This news follows on from a case in 2015 where the iOS Facebook app was accused of hogging battery life, leading to an official update being released.

So if you’re experiencing considerable battery drain on a daily basis you might consider removing Facebook for a time to see if it makes a difference. That’s if you can manage to be away from social media for awhile!


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