Is Apple readying itself for VR?


Apple is yet to throw its hat into the VR ring, which is currently occupied by competitors Samsung, Sony, and HTC. But that may not be the case for long, as Apple is reportedly working away on VR in secret.

Recently, CEO Tim Cook was asked for his thoughts on VR, but he masterfully avoided indicating if Apple had any VR plans. Instead, he said that virtual reality is “not a niche” and does have “some really interesting applications.”

According to a report from CNBC, Apple is more than just intrigued as to what VR can do or offer. It was recently revealed that Apple hired virtual and augmented reality expert Doug Bowman, but it seems like he’s not the only one to have joined the team. The company, according to the report, has assembled a large team of experts and has even built headset prototypes.

Apple tends not to show its hand too soon and may well wait to see how its rivals fare with their virtual reality headsets before announcing one of its own. Apple will reportedly host an event in March where it will announce new products; it’s a long shot, but perhaps a VR headset will also make an appearance.

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