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Have you heard people talking about Apple TV?

First things first – if you think that the makers of the iPhone and iPad have moved into a whole new area by working on their own branded televisions then you’re not quite right! While we’d love to see the gorgeous designs they’d come up with the iTV, Apple TV is something a little different.

Apple TV is a small, sleek box not much bigger than your palm that hooks up to television. Using the gorgeously designed and simple remote, you connect it to your home internet via Wi-fi or cable and then get ready to access a whole universe of entertainment. Or you can even just connect to your iPad via Bluetooth and it will instantly learn your home internet settings.

Apple TV essentially brings the Smart TV experience into your home in a tiny, power friendly box that costs just €109 – much less than buying a new television. You can interact with the best of the internet at the touch of a button – including services like Netflix, YouTube and more.

And you can also gain access to the delights of the iTunes store. That means expanding your music collection naturally but also the hundreds of thousands of movies available to users. iTunes has one of the best selections of new release titles available for rental for 48 hours. Far more convenient than having to rent and return a physical DVD copy.

Apple TV is also designed to interface with your other Apple products seamlessly. It’s an essential companion for iPhones and iPads because it allows you to extend their functionality to become the centre of your media world.

AirPlay lets you use your Apple phone or tablet to control the functions of the Apple TV and you can also use screen mirroring to literally stream exactly what you’re seeing on the tablet to the screen. It’s the perfect way to view pictures and videos and makes interacting even easier.

Apple TV may seem like a small innocuous box but its performance is mighty and it will bring the smart TV revolution into your living room with ease.

In Short: You may have been hearing about a product called the Apple TV – we’re here to explain everything you need to know and what it can do for your living room!

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