In Need of a Detox? Discover the Health Benefits of Juicing


Eating fresh fruit and vegetables is a tried and tested way of improving your diet and increasing your intake of nutrients vital to a healthy life.

But it’s very easy to form bad habits when it comes to fresh fruit and veg, to include just some token green leaves at dinnertime or avoid them altogether. If you feel like you’re in need of a proper detox, one terrific solution which takes away the hard work is juicing.

With juicing you can benefit from the positive effects of a huge amount of fresh fruit and vegetables in one handy drink. Is quicker, easier and also has additional health benefits which you won’t get from just eating the odd apple or two.

That’s because taking these foodstuffs in as juice gets them into your system as quickly as possible. The nutrients go straight from your stomach without the need for further digestion. And, honestly, how else would you manage to eat 5 or more pieces of fruit at one sitting?!

Juicing your fruit and veg also strips out the insoluble fibre from the food. That means your body doesn’t have to work as hard to absorb the vitamins and minerals.

The benefits can be immediate – you’ll experience less of the bloating that comes from eating too many processed foods. You may even find that you think more clearly, as the toxins are flushed from your system. You’ll have more energy and your overall health will improve as you approach, or exceed, the necessary five a day.

So how do you get started? Well first you’ll need a juicer and you can find a range of models here. The options include basic entry level models from Andrew James and Phillips and the more expensive – but also more durable, fast and economical over time – Sage machines. They’re the so-called ‘Rolls Royce’ of juicers!

A wide feeder tube means you won’t have to slice up your ingredients too much and you’ll want to get one that squeezes as much as possible out so there’s isn’t much wastage.

The process itself requires a bit of preparation and some patience – especially as you get to know which items mix well with others. You’ll want to wash your produce thoroughly and feed them in carefully, changing speeds and cutting up items if necessary. Don’t forget to drink up as soon as possible (nutrients fade over time without preservatives) and clean your juicer regularly.

If you’re looking for specific recipes we recommend those on Reboot With Joe – a lively and helpful website featuring Australian Joe Cross, who got his health back on track with juicing.

Shop the range of juicers here.

In Short: If you never feel like you’re getting enough fresh fruit and veg, juicing is the ultimate way to get your health back on track

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