Get the Ultimate Accident Protection for Your iPad from Maroo


Accidents happen. We’ve all been there – the tragic moment when you’ve left your shiny new iPad on the edge of a table and you watch in terrible slow motion and it slips and clatters to the floor.

As tablets have becoming an increasingly big part of our lives, we’ve started to take them everywhere – not just the office and the living room but out and about, to the park, while visiting friends and relatives. Some people even use large tablets as their primary way of taking pictures, which is something I’ve never understood.

There are steps you can take – some products have gone the way of offering full water protection but the facts remains that even the hardiest tablet on its own is likely to come to some serious harm from a fall.

The obvious answer is to protect your prized possession with some kind of case, and there are numerous options available. But few of them have been tested like this…

Who are these people and why do they have so few teeth between them? These are questions we will never know the answer to. But one thing we are sure of – that case is definitely doing its job.

They’ve all iPad cases built by Maroo, a brand that’s all about being there when those inevitable accidents happen. They’ve patented advanced technology to secure your devices when they slip or fall, including SG bumper tech. This kind of case is all about protecting the corners of your iPad from the trauma of a fall and it has also been designed to make accessing your tablet as simple as possible.

Protect yourself from accidents and spills with the full Maroo range, available here at Harvey Norman.

In Short: When the worst happens to your most prized possession you want to know that you have a case which will protect it. Enter Maroo

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