Top 5 Apps for Productivity


Check out our list of the best apps to increase your productivity on the go.

Evernote (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)Free / €40 per year

If you’ve never heard of Evernote you don’t know what you’ve been missing. This easy to use app allows you to create written notes with extras like images and audio clips and share them instantly across every possible platform.

Make note or a list on your phone and sync it your computer. If you’re doing research you can clip and copy text into one document that’s available everywhere – or just get the plugin that lets you save webpages. And you can even invite others to collaborate on your notes. For more space and functionality, there’s a Premium version available for a free.

Google Keep (Android)Free

If Evernote sounds like it’s a little too advanced or technical, Google Keep is a lighter and more accessible alternative. Simply type to start a note and the post-it style text will be saved to your device and shared anywhere you log-in with your Gmail account.

You can manually sort the post-its to keep your priorities in mind and set up reminders to poke you when something needs doing. Your phone can even remind you by location – so you won’t forget something at the shops. Easily drop in images or just speak a memo to get it transcribed. Simple and powerful. (Android, iOS)Free

If you ever find yourself forgetting important tasks, you need At its most basic level, it’s a beautifully designed to do list, helping you make a list of the tasks that need to be done and when they have to be finished by.

But it’s also much more than that. Adding and changing priority is simple and slick, with most of the actions done via simple gestures. There’s also the moment which shows you everything you’ve currently got planned and lets you update its priority. You can even schedule this to happen every day!

Dropbox (Android, iOS)Free / subscription

Dropbox makes it easy to share your files and folders everywhere you are, any time at all. If you’ve got the desktop version, you can just drag and drop a folder and it will sync to your online account. Then you can download the items from a webpage or sync the folder locally.

It also works on mobile or tablet, giving you access to everything you need for work or your daily life without having to carry around a USB stick. Some services automatically work with Dropbox to back up your photos on the fly and its great for collaborating in work as everyone can use the same assets. Get 2 gigs of storage for free (and more by referring friends) or pay $10 a month for 100 gigs.

Hootsuite (Android, iOS)

Free / €7.19 a month

Social media has been a great new addition to our lives, with many using it for work and play these days. But managing all your various accounts can be a hassle. Not so with Hootsuite – this powerful tool helps you manage your many social media channels from one app with ease.

You can post photos and status updates and they’ll appear on Facebook, Twitter and other sites in seconds. Hootsuite also makes it simple to schedule posts on these sites and to keep a handle on multiple different accounts at the same time. You can also check in on Foursquare and track keywords that interest you, on your computer or tablet. The paid version gives you more options to play with.

In Short: Get on top of your workflow with this list of handy apps that help you manage your time, your documents and your social media

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