Drone Invasion at Harvey Norman Blanchardstown

Get flying!

The Parrot Drone takes your camera where it’s never been before.

What if you could take to the skies to get incredibly dramatic video and stills, without ever having to set foot in a plane? Now you can, with the Parrot AR Drone.

It’s a slick and futuristic looking quad-blade helicopter that has a built in camera. Once you sync it to your smartphone or tablet you can not only control the action with simple on screen inputs but the Drone will send 720p video straight to your device!

It’s an incredible piece of kit, and setting it up to sync with your Android or iOS device is very simple and you can then use the front or downwards facing camera to control your flying. You basically have a control for going in a direction at your current height and another for going up or down. And crashing isn’t really a problem as the body is made of plastic and Styrofoam.

If you ever wanted to find out what your house looks like from above you easily can with this gadget – once you’ve gotten a little safe practise flying it indoors. And if you’re at all interested in movie making you can get some seriously dramatic shots which almost look like you’ve invested in a steadycam!

Here’s a look at the Parrot AR Drone in action flying around outside the Harvey Norman store, Blanchardstown. And you can also see that its perfectly safe to use indoors!

For more on the AR Drone at Harvey Norman, just click through.

In Short: The Parrott AR Drone can take your video and stills to places it has never been before, and you fly it using just your smartphone or tablet!

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