Tech Trend: Rose Gold


Technology doesn’t have to be stylish, but there’s a move in recent years towards bringing a touch of glamour to even the most advanced tech, perfect for those who want to accessorise and be at the cutting edge.

Colours and style vary from year to year, as with any fashion trend, and the latest movement is in the direction of Rose Gold. This metallic sheen can be seen in everything from the latest hairstyles to clothing. Shoes, jewellery and more are going the way of Rose Gold, and that interest extends into the home with furnishings and accessories for your living space.

And tech companies are getting in on the action too, with creations that include accents of the latest colours which are made extra special thanks to premium materials and the design ethos of these products.

One big name which is getting in on the Rose Gold trend is Apple. They have released a iPhone in the shade which manages to combine a top of a range smartphone with the ultimate accessory. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

We’ve also seen this colour in a variety of other places, like on a pair of high spec headphones from Monster which aims to get ahead of Beats at their own game. There are also notebook computers which add an attractive sheen, like the very attractive HP Spectre X360 laptop.

The wearable world is even more interested in creating fashionable items which you use everyday, and they’ve embraced the colour in a big way. Huawei has a new smartwatch which takes the style of classic chronographs and then there’s the Apple Watch Sport which comes in an array of colours, including Rose Gold.

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