Top 5 Apps for Children

The best kids apps

There are millions of apps out there for smartphones, from the silly to the essential and everything in between, targeting every kind of audience imaginable. But what if you’re a parent looking for apps to entertain, enthral and educate your kids? Here are five of the best, with no security issues and in app purchases kept to a minimum.

Endless Alphabet (Android/iOS – Free)

Learning doesn’t have to be boring and one of the best teaching aids available is Originator Inc.’s Endless Alphabet. It challenges kids to create words using letters that are animated and make their sound when they’re touched. Better still, spelling the word correctly sets off a delightful animation which is sure to help kids remember. 7 puzzles come for free, unlock the rest in the app.

Toy Story: Story Theatre (Android/iOS – €2.19)

Bring a world of creativity into your children’s lives with the Story Theatre from Disney. Centred on the wonderful world of Toy Story, With Woody, Buzz and the rest of the characters, you can create an incredible adventure where you control the action and even add your own voices. Accessible controls make Story Theatre easy and fun to use and the animations can be as simple as you like. Make a new adventure today!

Peppa Pig’s Holiday (Android/iOS – €4.49)

A familiar face and some fun mini games make Peppa Pig’s Holiday perfect for kids. The character of Peppa Pig has been a huge hit with children since it first arrived 10 years ago and this game lets you share in her new adventure. Peppa and her family are heading away on holiday and you get to come along too – you just have to solve some simple but addictive mini-games first. Discover locations like the Airport, the Beach and that time Peppa went for ice-cream, all with the wonderful animation you know from the TV show.

Netflix (Android/iOS – Free)

Netflix is an amazing resource for humans of any age but a number of unique features also make it a great option for entertaining the little ones. The app firstly has a series of powerful controls that allows you to limit access to more mature content across various different profiles. You can also choose to set up a new account that is just for children under 12 and the service also offers a dedicated Kids version on some devices with a simplified layout and carefully selected content.

Little Red Riding Hood (iOS – €4.49)This is one of the best interactive books we’ve ever seen, as developers Nosy Crow bring the tale of Little Red Riding Hood to life with gorgeous animation and easy to read text. And if your child is already too familiar with the story, they’ll love the chance to tell it a different way – including branching moments in the narrative and entirely different endings. There are also simple puzzles along the way, enthralling fully voiced characters and a charming score. One to savour.

In Short: Whether you want to educate, enthral or entertain we’ve got five top apps which will be sure to engage your young ones

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