Securing Your TV for Safety in the Home

Keep your little ones safe from these dangers

You absolutely want your TV to take pride of place in your living room, it’s the centre of your entertainment life, but are you sure that it’s secure as it could be?

Alarming statistics show that tens of thousands of people have been injured by televisions over the last decade – often from devices falling. And a study in the US on emergency room statistics from 2000 to 2010 reveals the fact that almost 200 children were killed by falling TV’s.

Many parents would never consider their television as a source of danger but older CRT screens are notoriously heavy. And even newer flatscreens are far from safe – while they may be much lighter than their predecessors their sheer size and top heavy nature can make them surprisingly prone to toppling.

Taking a little more care in the placement of your TV should be a first step in limiting the danger – and be wary of where you store your old sets – but wall-mounting is a solution that has many worthwhile benefits.

Apart from helping to give you more space in your living room and providing a great angle for the whole family to enjoy your movie or TV entertainment, the set can be secured high above the heads of little ones and even tucked away when not in use.

Sanus are a globally trusted manufacturer of wall mounts, committed to innovative design and outstanding safety features. With their patented technology, you can tilt, swivel and even extend your set into the room.

The company also has secure solutions for audiophiles who want their surround sound speaker in just the right place without compromising on safety. And there are plenty of unique extras to make your life easier – like ClickStand which makes accessing the back of your TV a breeze and smooth action to ensure you can adjust your set at any time.

For safety and an uncluttered living-room, Sanus TV mounts are the ultimate solution.

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In Short: It’s a sad fact that hundreds of people are injured every year by falling televisions, sometimes seriously. Secure your home with these tips

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