Kino-mo Brings Holographic Celebrities and Objects to your Living Room


Kino-mo brought its holographic technology to CES 2016 to show off a setup that we may soon be able to slot into our homes.

At CES, Kino-mo displayed a variety of holographic images, including a realistic portrayal of Emma Watson and Ghostbusters’ Slimer, using what looks like a fan with LEDs. As the blades with the LEDs rotate, they create the illusion of an object hovering in the air.

The device’s microprocessors and sensors track the position, speed, and angle of these LEDs to send signals to each, which then creates a realistic 3D image.

For now, Kino-mo is aimed at the outdoor advertising market. “At events, the ability to command attention is crucial and Kino-mo immediately does that,” the company explained on its website. Brands including Aston Martin, Samsung, and Intel have already utilised the technology in advertising campaigns.

Hopefully this means that realistic holograms are coming to our living rooms in the near future.

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