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ActiveWater can cut your water usage in half over a full year of washing compared to a 10-year old appliance.

With water meters being installed throughout the country reducing your water usage by such a significant amount doesn’t just pay environmental dividends, it can also mean large savings on your utility bills.

Precise sensors on Bosch ActiveWater models assess each load individually so only the exact amount of water is used. This means there’s no longer a need for half load programme. These models use 8,700 litres of water per year based on average use. Older models use over 13,000 litres more for the same amount of laundry.

All the washing machines in the Bosch Logixx and Exxcel ranges contain ActiveWater technology, making it easier to save water without compromising your lifestyle.

Bosch Exxcel Washing Machine

Boasting an A+++ energy rating and ActiveWater technology this washing machine delivers on outstanding performance whilst saving water and electricity.

Save water automatically. ActiveWater reduces water consumption so that only half as much water is used compared to older models. There’s no need for a half load option anymore because the precise measurement calculates how much water to use, whether it’s a small or large load.

Wash Faster. SpeedPerfect reduces the normal wash programme time by almost two thirds. Perfect results whatever you choose

Easy to use. More than just a pretty feature, the large LED display allows you to select programmes and add options easily.

VarioPerfect. Save energy or time, you decide.

SoftSurge™ Drum:

Powerful or gentle wash thanks to the droplet-shaped drum structure.

The unique SoftSurge™ Drum structure for faster and gentler washing is only available at Bosch, tackling washing problems even more effectively. Depending on the selected programme the droplet-shaped drum structure and the asymmetrical paddles adjust the drum movements to powerful or gentle. The laundry is gently rotated to the centre the drum regardless of the rotation direction. All garments are included in the washing process at all times, and are cleaned more gently and quickly. The 8 kg drum also protects the laundry and reduces creasing.

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In Short: With the Bosch VarioPerfect you can wash the same amount with less water and achieve truly brilliant results in no time

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